Corporate Tax

Mak Tax can help you to prepare Federal and Provincial Corporate Tax Returns, Financial Statements, GIFI (general index of financial information), GST/HST returns in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mak Tax Advantage … A few pointers

Mak Tax can assist you to recover your incorporation cost that you incurred to start the corporation without any tax implications.

Mak Tax Accountants will guide you to calculate the best mix of salary, interest and/or dividends. Salary is tax-deductible to a corporation and taxable to an employee, Dividends are taxed first at the corporate level and then at a lower rate at the personal level. Paying salary generates RRSP room that dividends do not whereas paying dividends avoid Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurances contributions, unlike salary. Mak Tax will advise you on a perfect integration when determining the best salary or dividend mix for an individual."

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